Choosing a Real Estate Agent

When you start out searching for the property market, you’ll find there are many avenues to explore. There are rental properties, condos, and other cooperatives, as well as properties to buy.

Most people aspire to buy their property, partly for the pride of ownership and partly because owning a home is both a place to live and an excellent investment. Except for the occasional short duration blip, property prices increase.

However, starting out, even a cursory glance at real estate listings will make your head spin. Therefore, what shall you do to be sure you don’t make a serious mistake, whether you’re buying or even renting for now? Answer: find someone who knows the market to work with you and get you what you need – a Real Estate Agent.

Too often we see real estate agents as working for the seller or renter and not for us, the buyer, but they do both and you need to find one to work with right at the start of your property search. That’s right; I’m saying before you do a property search, do a real estate agent search!

How do you do that? Start with what you need to be successful and from that make a list of what qualities the agent must have. You can usually add to, or subtract from, the list as you interview agents and find reasons to change it. But be careful of removing items. Sometimes, things that didn’t look important in the early part of a selection process can become hugely famous later.

For the first stage, here are some examples of things you know:

  • Where you’ll be working, your personal circumstances, your budget and other constraints, the lifestyle you want to have and a host of other criteria only you can add so that will likely determine the areas you may wish to live in.
  • Which real estate agents work in that area and how much experience do they have? If there are some with less experience, do they have other qualities to compensate, such as energy and a desire to serve their clients’ needs or familiarity with newer real estate searching technology?

Having developed your list, begin stage two by reviewing the websites and printed literature of real estate companies and offices for information about their focus. Real Estate companies and their agents specialize in the properties they handle. Some will be outside your price range, for example. As you read through their literature, you’ll find other assets niches that aren’t of interest to you, like commercial property.

After this stage, you’ll have a smaller number of companies, offices and agents to consider in stage three, which is to look at the properties they offer. Are they in areas and of a type that you desire? Do they have a lot of property on their books or a small selection? And if it’s a little collection is that because they have specialized even further? Review the information carefully and choose three that seem to be the best fit for your search.

Now you’ve reached the agent part of your search. Approach each selected office and speak to the people employed there, starting with the Office Manager. Explain what you’re looking for. Meet with the manager’s recommended agents at all three of the offices you selected in stage three.

Stage four is one only you can complete because it involves personal relationships. Select the agent that you find most congenial. Don’t necessarily lose contact with the other two agents you chose because things change, and you may need to go back to your second choice. Now you have your agent, you’re ready to start your property search and a good place to do that if you’re in the Atlanta, Georgia, area is with the apartments in nor cross GA.